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Simon Armitage
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Simon Armitage

Simon Armitage was born in West Yorkshire and is Professor of Poetry at the University of Leeds. A recipient of numerous prizes and awards, his collections of poetry include Seeing Stars (2010), The Unaccompanied (2017), Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic (2019), Magnetic Field (2020) and his acclaimed translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2007). He writes extensively for television and radio, and is the author of two novels and the non-fiction bestsellers All Points North (1998), Walking Home (2012) and Walking Away (2015). His theatre works include The Last Days of Troy, performed at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2014. From 2015 to 2019, he served as Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford, and, in 2018, he was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. Simon Armitage is Poet Laureate.

Author Videos
<i>Magnetic Field</i> Recordings, Episode 1
Reading of <i>Thank You For Waiting</i>
Readings of the <i>Marsden Poems</i>, Members Poetry Gala
Author Videos
<i>Magnetic Field</i> Recordings, Episode 1
Magnetic Field Recordings, Episode 1
Reading of <i>Thank You For Waiting</i>
Reading of Thank You For Waiting
Readings of the Marsden Poems, Members Poetry Gala
Praise for Simon Armitage

‘There is no other poet writing in modern Britain who has his feeling for its words and things: the cashpoints, the power tools, the "mail-order driftwood"; the clichés, the jokes, the unspoken emotions . . . the most popular English poet since Larkin.’

Sunday Times
Praise for Simon Armitage

‘Armitage is that rare beast: a poet whose work is ambitious, accomplished and complex as well as popular.’

Sunday Telegraph
Praise for Simon Armitage

‘The best poet of his generation.’

Quotes from Simon Armitage

‘Prose fills a space, like a liquid poured in from the top, but poetry occupies it,
arrays itself in formation, sets up camp and refuses to budge.’

Walking Home: A Poet's Journey
<i>Walking Home: A Poet's Journey</i> <div class=

‘This misfortune you find is of your own manufacture.
Keep hold of what you have, it will harm no other,
for hatred comes home to the hand that chose it.’

The Death of King Arthur: A New Verse Translation
<i>The Death of King Arthur: A New Verse Translation</i> <div class=
From the Journal
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Simon Armitage is appointed Poet Laureate for the United Kingdom

‘It’s a huge honour to be appointed Poet Laureate, one of the great high offices of literature. Over the past two decades the laureateship has become a working role, with previous laureates actively involved in the promotion of poetry and in numerous initiatives to identify and encourage talent, especially within education and among younger writers; […]

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