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Amelia Gentleman reads from her Orwell Prize shortlisted book The Windrush Betrayal

‘[Gentleman’s] reporting proves why an independent press is so vital.’ Reni Eddo-Lodge

‘A timely reminder of what truly great journalists can achieve.’ David Olusoga

‘It is impossible to overstate the importance of this heartbreaking book.’ James O’Brien

Amelia Gentleman’s exposé of the Windrush scandal shocked the nation, and led to the resignation of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Her tenacious reporting revealed how the government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy had led to thousands of law-abiding people being wrongly classified as illegal immigrants, with many being removed from the country, and many more losing their homes and their jobs.

In The Windrush Betrayal, Gentleman tells the full story of her investigation for the first time. Her writing shines a light on the people directly affected by the scandal and illustrates the devastating effect of politicians becoming so disconnected from the world outside Westminster that they become oblivious to the impact of their policy decisions. This is a vitally important account that exposes deeply disturbing truths about modern Britain.

To mark Windrush Day 2020 here is an audiobook extract taken from Amelia Gentleman’s Orwell Prize shortlisted book.


And here is a short film of Amelia taking us through the story of her investigation, and the lives the scandal has affected.