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Extract: The Knives by Richard T. Kelly

Read an extract from the Prologue to Richard King’s critically-acclaimed political thriller, The Knives, set in the tense, unforgiving and manipulative world of Westminster. Listed in the Guardian’s Top 10 books about Westminster politics.

As Home Secretary, David Blaylock oversees the police, border control and the struggle against domestic terrorism. Some say the job is impossible; Blaylock insists he is tough enough.

Constantly in his mind is the threat of an attack on Britain’s streets. But over the course of one autumn, Blaylock finds that the danger is much more personal . . .

‘A gripping read from start to finish.’ — Alastair Campbell

‘Fantastic new political thriller.’ — Amber Rudd

‘One of the best and most authentic  political novels I’ve read.
Highly recommended.’
— Nicola Sturgeon