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Faber celebrates journalist Lyra McKee with an anthology of her work

Faber & Faber announces the publication of an anthology of Lyra McKee’s work to be released in time for the anniversary of her death. Lyra McKee: Lost, Found, Remembered will be published on 2 April 2020.

The anthology will weave together pieces that defined her reputation as one of the most important and formidable journalists of her generation.  It showcases the range of McKee’s voice by bringing together unpublished material alongside both her celebrated and lesser-known pieces. It reveals the sheer scope of McKee’s intellectual and radically humane engagement with the world – and lets her spirit live on in her own words.

Louisa Joyner, Publishing Director, said:

‘It is hard to comprehend that Lyra McKee was murdered less than five months ago. Since her death we have worked with those Lyra loved to determine how best to commemorate her writing and magnify her voice. Lyra sought truth as a journalist not simply by asking difficult questions, but perhaps more crucially by listening rigorously – and open-heartedly – to the answers. Her work speaks to her subtlety of expression and her intellectual and political courage. This collection is our testament to Lyra, a celebration of her talent, and a reminder of what we have lost.’ 

‘Lyra McKee was a beacon for so many . . . Her words will live on.’ Sinéad Gleeson, Guardian

Lyra McKee was born in 1990 in Belfast. She won Sky News’ Young Journalists Award in 2006 and became an investigative reporter, writing for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. She was featured as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and a rising literary star by the Irish Times. McKee was fatally shot during rioting in Derry in 2019. At the time of her death Lyra was working on a piece of investigative journalism entitled The Lost Boys which is not yet ready for publication, but remains under review with Faber and those closest to Lyra.