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Read the opening chapter of Alex Hourston’s Love After Love

Nancy Jansen is the beating heart of her family.
She is the centre around whom many lives turn.


But Nancy has a new role:

Everybody can be happy, Nancy believes, so long as they can be kept apart.
But when these lives start to overlap, collision becomes inevitable, with consequences for all . . .


Love After Love is the intelligent new novel by Alex Hourston, author of suspense thriller In My House. Her latest work is a nuanced exploration of relationships, human behaviour and modern living, as the central character, a therapist, is faced with her own questions about life and love. The book has received praise for its gripping narrative, with Kate Hamer,  author of The Girl in the Red Coat, describing it as ‘A beautifully written page-turner of a book.’ 

Read the opening chapter from Love After Love below.
Out in hardback 1 March 2018.